What Is Grease Trap Cleaning?

Running a restaurant is a great and exciting endeavor because you get to try different things, like experimenting with the menu and the layout of your space.

Being a restaurant owner also allows you to be your own boss and socialize with people you’ve never met before.

But, for your restaurant business to thrive, you need to prioritize cleanliness.

You need to make sure that the equipment you use and the food you serve is clean — and this is something that grease trap cleaning can help you with.

what is a grease trap

What Is Grease Trap Cleaning and Why Is It Important?

In its simplest sense, grease trap cleaning is the practice of thoroughly removing grease waste and other food particles from the unit.

Grease traps are part of a commercial HVAC that plays a role in every restaurant by capturing fats, oils, and greases (or FOG) before they enter the wastewater system.

Regular grease trap cleaning is a must for every restaurant because it ensures that FOG from cooked food is disposed of properly. Moreover, regular grease trap cleaning prevents food waste from harboring too long and producing sulfuric acid.

This chemical can shorten the lifespan of your grease trap, causing more stress and expenses in the long run.

Regular grease trap cleaning should be part of your to-do list to prevent any rotting smells in your restaurant.

Food waste that accumulates in your grease trap can cause an awful smell that can discourage customers from dining in or even ordering from your restaurant.

More importantly, you should regularly clean your grease trap to ensure the cleanliness of your food and kitchen.

Fats, oils, and greases that build up on your grease trap can attract bacteria and germs.

Once these microorganisms start to live and multiply in your kitchen, all of the dishes you serve can potentially cause health and safety hazards to your customers.

Ready To Have Your Grease Traps Cleaned?

While it’s always possible to clean your grease traps on your own, doing so doesn’t guarantee the best results.

Grease trap cleaning requires specific experience, and without it, cleaning your grease traps will only become a time-consuming and stressful chore.

Don’t take chances. Hire professionals, like Spartan Service Group, who have years of experience cleaning grease traps.

We have the skills and equipment to properly clean any of your grease traps, so your business continues to operate long-term.

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